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What We Do

Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team currently offers 8 services. All services are able to be viewed by clicking on a link directly above. All services are 100% free. Donations are always accepted but it's a policy of KPRT to not nag for or insist on a donation or otherwise make a client feel guilty for not donating.

The exact process for each service is specifically laid out under each service. You will be told what we need from you as well as rules that clients must follow during each service. The rules are meant to protect you the client, KPRT and all its members, affiliates of KPRT and to provide you with the best service possible.

A brief description of each service is below. If it sounds like the service you need, click on the corresponding link above.

Investigations & Research - Are things going bump in the night at your house? Unexplained activity? This is our main service. This is where we come to your house to investigate possible paranormal activity.

Pranic Therapy - This is the scientific name for the service. This is basically energy healing, or better known as Reiki.

Lectures - This service highlights the education part of our mission statement. Want us to come and do a lecture/seminar, teaching the audience all about the paranormal?

Forensics - Believe it or not, we have actually done forensic experiments for cases we've had in the past. Stephanie, a KPRT member, is a Forensic Scientist, holding an Associate's Degree of Applied Science in Forensic Science from Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, WI. We thought since we are able to utilize this technique for investigations, let's highlight it on our website as something that we are able to do and are skilled in doing.

Ufology - This is not a service that we focus on a lot as the main skill set of KPRT is spirits. David, however, is extremely interested in Ufology and is actually very knowledgeable about this topic.

Psychic Training - As a team that has had many members with proven psychic abilities, using those abilities to investigate, as well as having current member with proven psychic abilities and having a vast amount of knowledge and experience with the subject, if you think you have a psychic ability, we will help you to better understand it.

Property Blessing/Cleansing - Want to make it more difficult for troublesome spirits to enter your life, and have a troublesome spirit that you want to go away? There are no guarantees.