One of Kaukauna Paranormal Research Team's main goals is to educate the public on the paranormal field. We want the public to know what the paranormal field is all about. The difference between the reality of paranormal investigation vs paranormal shows. The difference between a paranormal investigator and a ghost hunter. The equipment that we use, and so much more.

We do this in several different ways. We have several articles in our education section that includes many of the things that we mentioned above and more. We want you to be in the know so that we can enlist the right paranormal team to help you with your paranormal matters and to make sure that you are contacting the right paranormal team for speaking engagements and other public appearances. We want to make sure that the public is properly educated on the paranormal.

We also do paranormal tours. We don't do a ton of them. Usually no more than 4 or more. This is because we also need to make sure we're available for those people that need our help. During these tours, we aim to give you the hands-on experience of paranormal investigating.

Last but not least, we offer presentations and meet and greets. During meet and greets we talk about KPRT and how we operate. We discuss equipment in the field as well as paranormal terms. We also discuss famous movies that are based on real cases, as well as the case files and evidence of KPRT.